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Tennessee Homemade Wine – Quality Wine & Southern Hospitality

Although it’s only been in business for three years, Tennessee Homemade Wines has quickly received a reputation for quality wine and great Southern hospitality.

Located on the Parkway in downtown Gatlinburg, guests are welcome to stop any day of the week for free tastings. Along with great knowledge of the local wine, employees are quick to offer suggestions for all the best places around town.

“Made, Crafted & Served by Local Friends”

Tennessee Homemade Wines’ Web site announces that its selections are “made with local fruit, crafted by local folk, and served by local friends.” The wines are classified as “table wines,” which means that by law, they must have a maximum alcohol by volume content of 14 percent. Because the wine is crafted in multiple batches throughout the year, the alcohol content varies with each batch — but it always remains below the legal limit.

tn homemade wines gatlinburg tennessee - Tennessee Homemade Wines offers quality wine and service

Great Selection to Choose from at Tennessee Homemade Wines

And what a selection to choose from! Featured wines include the Blueberry Bammer, which is “sweet and smooth,” with whole berries “used to capture full off-the-vine flavor;” White Knuckle Grape, “a backyard garden grape high in flavor yet light-bodied;” Proper Peach, “freshly picked by local farmers, sweet and smooth;” and Fine Blackberry, “handpicked along country roads, sweet, smooth, and a traditional Southern favorite.”

If you can’t make the trip, no problem: You can join its wine club, which offers discounts on multiple bottle orders. Shipping is included on orders of more than four bottles. You’ll also have access to new flavors and branded wear.


Wine club members must be present to receive their orders and must also present identification proving they are 21 years of age or older. Tennessee Homemade Wines currently ships out on Monday through Friday of every week; typically, orders ship 2-day ground. Depending on your location, you may receive your order even quicker than two days.

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