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I didn’t know that much about liquor before my trip to Tennessee Legend Distillery — I’m more of a wine gal, myself — but the service and the products were so good, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

Tennessee Legend Distillery’s Web site declares that it offers “distinct flavors and skillful craftsmanship” — and it delivers on that promise. Guests over the age of 21 can sample an array of moonshine, whiskey, cream liqueur, and vodka before they decide on their purchase.

The distillery’s moonshine flavors are subtle and smooth, without lots of added sugar. There’s a variety to choose from at 50 proof, while its classic White Lightning moonshine is 100 proof.

What exactly is this “proof?” I had heard of it in relation to alcohol, sure — but I never really understood what it meant.

A quick Google search told me, “Proof is the government documentation of a distilled beverage’s alcohol content. In the United States, if you cut the number in half, you get the actual amount of alcohol in the bottle: ’80 proof’ means 40 percent of the liquid in the bottle is alcohol.”

The distillery’s whiskey is 60 proof and comes in a variety of flavors, including Cinnamon, Salted Caramel, and Apple Pie. Salted Caramel was my personal favorite.

Its cream liqueur is 40 proof and includes Dirty Cream, Creamsicle, Creme Brulee, and Root Beer Float. I recommend the Creamsicle.

At 80 proof, Tennessee Legend claims its vodka is “the smoothest around” — and they may very well be right. My sample was the best vodka I had ever tasted.

If you’re like me — a novice when it comes to whiskey and moonshine — the folks at Tennessee Legend Distillery will hook you up. The friendly and knowledgeable employees, along with the fun, laid-back atmosphere makes sampling and selecting the quality products even more enjoyable.

There’s also a gift shop with t-shirts and other distillery souvenirs.

So don’t be a stranger! Stop in Tennessee Legend Distillery during your next trip to the Smokies — and be sure to check out great deals in Best Read Guide.

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