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The Old Forge Distillery — named after the iron forge that “forged a community” — opened its doors in 2014 with its own line of moonshine, distilled using freshly-ground grain from The Old Mill.

Today, it still continues to add new spirit offerings, including rum, vodka, Tennessee Roots, Distiller’s Select, cream liqueur, and single-barrel aged bourbon — all award-winning creations.

Head distiller Keener Shanton uses the art of vapor infusion to extract natural flavors and colors from roots, herbs, and spices when crafting the Tennessee Roots line, a series of 80-proof small-batch spirits. The small-batch spirits include 1830 Original, which is moonshine made from pure mountain spring water and fresh-ground grains.

You’ll also find flavored moonshines at the distillery, including chocolate, French toast, and coffee, which are inspired by recipes from The Old Mill kitchen.

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The distillery’s home adds to its character and uniqueness: It’s housed in a 100-year-old building that used to serve as a farm supply store.

The Old Forge Distillery is yours to explore: It offers tastings and tours upon request. The Old Forge Tasting Bar is open daily, and the distillery’s gift shop offers many one-of-a-kind, quality items. Hand-forged knives are made by the resident blacksmith, and unique moonshine jugs are handcrafted by Pigeon River Pottery.

When you’re looking for exceptional moonshine and other spirits — along with a rich, historic, and entertaining atmosphere — the Old Forge Distillery is the place to visit.

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