NASCAR Speedpark Smoky Mountains offers a true racing experience for racers of all ages. The Speedpark 8 tracks, all designed for specific age groups or for a certain type of racing experience. But no matter what your  age or experience level, NASCAR Speedpark has a track or a ride for you, oh yeah, and there are 14 super rides for you to enjoy!

2girlsincart - FAMILY FUN & GO-KART RACING IN THE SMOKIES - NASCAR SPEEDPARKNASCAR Speedpark is about go-kart racing. You can start out on the beginner’s Qualifier track to get a feel of the go-karts and track. Then you move up to the Young Champions where you can ride alone or with a friend or family member. The Family 500 is an hourglass-shaped track that gives you additional challenges. Again you can ride solo or double.Familyontrack - FAMILY FUN & GO-KART RACING IN THE SMOKIES - NASCAR SPEEDPARK

Slidewayz is a 750′ slick track with tough, tight turns; The Competitor is a short track with high banking – like Bristol – where you race side by side in Eagle cars; The Intimidator is a track so tough that it is named after Dale Earnhardt, Sr.; and finally you get to the Smoky Mountain Speedway. On this quarter-mile D-oval track you race 3/8 scale version of an actual Sprint Cup car for an exhilarating NASCAR-like experience.

The rides and other fun include an interactive arcade, “The Rock” Rock Climbing Wall, the spinning Starship 3000, and the Arcade - FAMILY FUN & GO-KART RACING IN THE SMOKIES - NASCAR SPEEDPARKPro-Tow ride. Kid’s have their own Speedway with NASCAR-themed cars, and rides like Tubs Of Fun – a teacup-style ride – the Rockingham Railroad, Tot Rods and the Speedway Draft, a child-sized roller coaster. Families Kiddiespeedway - FAMILY FUN & GO-KART RACING IN THE SMOKIES - NASCAR SPEEDPARKcan enjoy the Stock Carousel, The Scrambler, Tilt-a-Whirl and 18-hole miniature golf courses named Dragon’s Lair and The Viking. And all ages can stock-up on official NASCAR gear and souvenirs at the NASCAR Merchandise Store.

Roll into NASCAR Speedpark in the Smokies and get more trip information at the Best Read Guide website at https://bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/.