Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster Pigeon Forge, TNSmoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is a true mountain thrill ride. Built into the side of a mountain in Pigeon Forge, this attraction puts you on a sled that can scream down the hill at 27 miles per hour! You feel the wind in your face, the G-force tug on the corners and the sheer thrill of rolling safely but quickly down the mountainside.

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When you arrive at Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster you will see the Ticket Booth/Gift Shop/Loading Platform sitting gracefully at the bottom of the hill. Once you purchase your ticket you get in line to load the sled. You can ride as a single or a double, one in front of the other. Once you are loaded and buckled up, your sled travels along the track and up the hill. You can see and hear other riders as they come down yelling or laughing with joy as they enjoy their descent. Once your sled reaches the top, gravity takes over and your sled begins its journey to the bottom. You travel around curves, into circle-abouts, and of course, down the hill. Quickly or slowly, you control the speed.

Night riding on the Alpine Coaster near GatlinburgOutdoor attraction Open all yearThis is a thrill ride but safety is important, and on each sled  you can control your speed with the built-in handbrakes. If you are feeling a bit uneasy, just pull up on the brakes and you slow down. During the daylight hours you will see the trees and brush on the hill rushing by as you ride the silver rails from the top. But at night, it is an entirely different feeling as colored lights along the path of the ride illuminate your journey. It is almost a psychedelic feeling to feel the rush of the sled and see the lights flashing by. All you would need is the soundtrack to a Jefferson Starship album playing in the background.

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