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Two Awesome Escape Games in Pigeon Forge!

What are Escape Games?

Escape Games (or Escape Rooms) are an exciting way to enjoy a new kind of adventure! A group of players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete missions or objectives given at the beginning of the game. Players in an Escape Game are given a time limit to complete those mission and successfully “escape” from the room. These types of games are exciting and challenging and are an extremely fun way for friends and family to bond and enjoy an exciting experience that everyone can enjoy.

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Who can play?

Both of the Escape Games featured encourage groups to play. Friends, Family and even corporate groups can enjoy these incredibly fun experiences. Escape Rooms encourage team building, camaraderie and fun. Not to fear, there is not a minimum amount of players, so whether your here with your special someone or the whole family, you can enjoy these awesome challenges. No matter if your young or old both kids and adults alike can enjoy these escape room experiences. This is one great experience that can be fun for the whole family.

Check Out These Two Great Escape Games in Pigeon Forge!

Pigeon Forge offers two awesome escape game experiences. We encourage you to check out both, each one features different games and themes and a variety of fun new challenges. You can experience The Escape Game at The Island in Pigeon Forge. The Escape Game offers exciting missions like Prison Break, Gold Rush, Classified, The Heist and Mission: Mars. You also need to stop in and play at Smoky Mountain Escape Games located at 179 East Wears Valley Road, Suite 24 in Pigeon Forge. They offer Game Rooms like The Haunting: Secret of the Mansion, Mad Scientist, Diamond Heist and Moonshine Mayhem. Keep reading below for more info on these exciting adventures and the awesome rooms they have.

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The Escape Game – Pigeon Forge

Located conveniently on The Island in Pigeon Forge, The Escape Game offers 5 exciting escape room adventures:

Prison Break Takes you back to 1955. You’re wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to life. You must escape before you meet the same mysterious fate as the prisoner before you.

Gold Rush takes you to the hills of Northern California, in search of a greedy prospectors gold. He fell in with the wrong crowd and disappeared. You must race the mob to where he hid his gold. You must find it first!

Classified Transforms your team into military personnel who must infiltrate the masterminds evil plan to stop a major international threat. Time is ticking!

The Heist drops your group into the world of an international art thief. You team must recover a famous painting before time runs out. If you succeed you will be national heroes, if you fail… you will be a criminal. Good luck!

Mission: Mars takes you to mars. Your spacecraft was damaged on descent but now you have bigger problem. If you can’t get your ship repaired in 60 minutes, you will never see earth again.

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Smoky Mountain Escape Games – Pigeon Forge

Visit Smoky Mountain Escape Games at 179 E Wears Valley Rd, Suite 24 in Pigeon Forge.

The Haunting: Secret of the Mansion – Taking place in the Worthington Mansion. Some say it is haunted, if not by spirits then by terrible secrets hidden within. It’s your job to confirm or disprove whether it is haunted. The truth awaits in the shadows and only you can bring the light.

Mad Scientist Enter the Mad Scientist Dr. Fritz Von Hoffen’s lab. The creator of THE ANTIDOTE, framed by an evil group and racing to save his sick wife. You must recover THE ANTIDOTE and stop it from being used for evil and cure the Dr’s wife!

Diamond Heist takes you to Montgomery Bank & Trust to secure the stolen Star of Dreams Diamond. Break in in secrecy, crack the vault and ensure the diamond is returned to its rightful owner. All without being caught by the evil bank president, Charles Montgomery III.

Moonshine Mayhem is their newest room. Currently under construction but expected to be completed soon.

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If you are planning your trip or already here and looking for a fun activity that your family or group can do together, escape rooms are it! Both of the awesome Escape Rooms in Pigeon Forge accommodate groups both small and large. Take part in a heist, take a trip to mars,  or stop an international incident. The only limit is your imagination! The Escape Game and Smoky Mountain Escape Games will meet you with a friendly staff, challenging but fun Escape Rooms and an experience you will never forget!