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Visit logo1 - Wyile Cider Mill Smoky MountainsWyile Cidery, the only craft cidery in Tennessee located at Foxfire Mountain in the Smoky Mountains.

The brewers at Wyile Cidery produce all-natural, high- quality ciders – O’Klee’s Dry Cider and Keeva’s Sweet Cider. Wyile Cidery presses their own area-grown apples to get the freshest, all-natural juice that begins the cider process. The juice is then fermented in small batches in their stainless steel tanks for 6 months to allow for the natural fermentation of the individual apple batches. The results you can taste for yourselves.

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O’Klee’s Dry Cider begins with a combination of tart apples and wakes-up the taste-buds with a rich, tart finish. Keeva’s Sweet Cider combines sweet apples and some Wyile’s magic to end with a delightfully crisp, smooth and bubbly drink. And now Wyile Cidery has added a non-alcoholic cider to the mix – Mayapple’s Unfiltered Sweet Cider. This classic, non-alcoholic cider has a bold aroma that reminds you of falling leaves on a cool, Autumn day.

Wyile girl 110x300 - Wyile Cider Mill Smoky MountainsAnd who are these Wyile’s? Are they the owners, the distillers? Are they real or fiction? Perhaps they are a little of all of those questions. The Wylie’s are mysterious characters that make there homes on Foxfire Mountain. Legend has it that they are descendants of the Leprechauns that traveled to America with the Scots-Irish immigrants that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and traveled through the Appalachian Mountains with immigrant families to settle in the Smoky Mountains. They are purported to be small, mischievous creatures who love music, apple cider and playing tricks on non-Wyiles. But somehow they have shared their love of distilled spirits with the gentle folk of Foxfire Mountain and Wyile Cidery was born. (You can read more about Wyiles by clicking on this link for a free e-book – The FREE Wyile Cider E-BookOklees 150x150 - Wyile Cider Mill Smoky Mountains

Wyile’s Ciders are great any time of year, but especially tasty during the cool, fall season. They are perfect for family get-togethers during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. You can buy the product during your next trip to the Smokies or go online and order the product shipped to your home or business. Plan your next trip with the help of the tourism-oriented website https://bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/, where you will find information and coupons on Smoky Mountain attractions, live shows, dining, shopping and lodging. Enjoy your Smoky Mountain vacation and be on the lookout for the Wyile’s of Foxfire Mountain.


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