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Exterior prime - Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge

Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge is one of the newest attractions in the Smokies. You can look at American crime from the lawless west to the most modern crimes. There are Five galleries to explore beginning with the History of Crime, Crime Scene Investigation, the Consequences of Crime, Crime Fighting and Pop Culture. This walk-through attraction will keep you fascinated from the first exhibit to the last. New and temporary exhibits are added as the story of crime continues to unfold in America.



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The outside of the museum resembles Tennessee’s first prison in Nashville. this fortress-like building was designed like A castle with stone walls and guard towers. Alcatraz East added the lighthouse from Alcatraz Island. Inside you will find prison cells, a replica of the electric chair, pistols from Wild West outlaws and even the white Bronco that drove O.J. Simpson around the California Interstate System.


White Bronco - Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge


The museum is 25,000 square feet, 2 floors and over 100 interactive exhibits. The weapons of deceit and destruction from pirates, gunslingers, murderers, extortionists and white collar criminals are houses in interesting displays that give background details to the crime and put you on-the-scene!

Six gun - Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon ForgeYou will also see how famous crime fighters like Eliot Ness and Buford Pusser and law enforcement agencies like the FBI operate in the Crime fighting Gallery. Go deeper into crime solving with Crime Scene Investigation and learn about the forensic sciences of ballistics, DNA and fingerprint analysis, fingerprinting and facial recognition work and are used to solve crimes. View hundreds of actual articles called murderabilia from crimes, crime scenes and famous criminals. These are sad relics of tragic history but all lead to changes in investigation techniques, crime solving and even our culture. See for yourself and remember where you were when these famous events happened.

Make the Alcatraz East Crime Museum part of your visit to Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains.

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