Four Sisters Old Time Photo

Four Sisters Old Time Photo in Pigeon Forge, TN allows you to make memories and experience a time of the past in authentic costumes and different settings. Whether you’re a family, a couple, or a group of friends, and want to experience the Old West, Four Sisters Old Time Photo can make it happen for you!

This genuine attraction is an accurate description of photo reenactments of the past that allows you to dress up according to that time. There are many themes that you can pick from when choosing the look of your photos. A few to name would include: Cowboy, Old West, Southern Belle, and Gangster.

Four Sisters have over hundreds of costumes, and they have a professional stylist to help you choose which costume to be in. They provide the dress from top to bottom. For the ladies, this includes: a hair accessory, an old time necklace, a fancy dress, and high-heeled shoes. They also give you a folding fan as a prop, and boas with feathers for a little extra. For the men, this would include: a hat and bandana depending on the theme, as well as a suit or cowboy vest with a holster to ensure the proper Old Time Photo!

A few awesome facts about this Old Time Photo shop is that it is the largest in the United States, and they have many props from all over the world! This allows you to create fun and unique photos while in the Old West!

Another awesome fact is that they can accommodate up to 200 people! This would be ideal for a family reunion, and to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Four Sisters Old Time Photo loves to go “above and beyond for the customer,” as I talked with Kayla one of the managers there. They are dedicated people who love to help make their customers have a memorable and unforgettable experience at Four Sisters Old Time Photo.

Four Sisters Old Time Photo does recommend scheduling an appointment for the time you need, however, no appointment is necessary to experience photos in the Old West.

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