Jayell Ranch, Pigeon Forge next to Dollywood

Come on out to Jayell Ranch in Pigeon Forge next to Dollywood, and relax on the porch while you de-stress from a day of running around in the Smokies. while you are chilling out you can decide on the activity to pursue, horseback riding, ATV ride, Off-road Go-Karts or Ziplining or all four!

Horseback riding in the Smokies

So step off the porch and head over to the corral. Mount up on one of the safe, friendly horse, then follow your guide out to the trail. You will ride for one-hour on a 4-smile, shady trail through 260 acres of some of the best scenery in the Smokies. Along the ride you will see sites of North Carolina, Shield’s Mountain Mt. Leconte and beautiful woodlands. Your guide will point out interesting and historical facts as well as answer any questions you might have.

ATV and UTV rides near Gatlinburg

Pick-up the pace a bit on the Off-road Go-karts or the ATV rides. The ATV ride is guided but they promise a mud-slinging, gear-shifting good time as you climb hills, cross creeks and go through mud holes. This 9-mile, one-mile adventure promises to be awesome!

Come prepared to get muddy and wet because you will be crossing creeks and going through mud holes!

Ziplining - aerial fun for all ages

Then take to the skies and ride the longest ziplines in the Smokies. Six lines and over 2 miles of aerial fun and adventure. Your guide will lead you through the harnessing-up, safety checks and pre-flight instruction, and will take you to the first launch point. There your high-flying adventure begins! You take off from he first platform and soar through the canopy of trees enjoying breathe-taking views of the Smokies. As you come in for a landing at the end of the first line, your heart is racing and you cannot wait to do this again. But at the beginning of the second line you become a little more adventurous as you even jump off of the platform to gain more speed. Soon you are running of off the platform, secure in the knowledge that your harness is keeping you safe so you can concentrate on the ride and the scenery. This is not just a fun and thrilling experience, but a confidence booster as well.

Jayell Ranch is located just off Veterans boulevard on Jayell Road. For more information click this link – –
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