fireworks supermark video promo - Fireworks Supermarket provides most bang for your buck

Fireworks Supermarket wants you to know that not all fireworks are created equally.

These pyro enthusiasts offer their customers spectacular, colorful bursts that hang in the sky, always amazing their audiences.

For 30 years, Fireworks Supermarket has sent its professional team to China every year to look at more than 500 items and decide on the very best to sell in the store. They work directly with the factories and help design them to create the most vibrant colors and the loudest legal bursts.

You’re guaranteed to find the best products at the lowest prices: One item in Fireworks Supermarket sold at $39.99 has been found at the same size at a competitor’s store for $79.99.

There’s plenty to choose from in the air-conditioned showroom, including Roman candles, parachutes, missiles, assortments, fountains, firecrackers, rockets, reloadables and tubes, multi-effect, and 500 Gram.

No need to wonder about presentation — before you buy, you can see the product on the store’s big screen TV. There’s also no wading through hundreds of items since just one click does the trick.

The more you spend at Fireworks Supermarket, the more you get for free! For example, when you purchase $75-$99, you get $5 in the merchandise of your choice for free. When you purchase $100-$149, you get $10 in merchandise for free, and so on.

All of Fireworks Supermarket’s fireworks are tested by their factory representatives at individual factories in China. They are then sent to a third party agency and retested, then certified and shipped to the store. The samples are tested once again at the warehouse and showrooms.

Gorgeous, spectacular, and safe fireworks at record low prices — what more could you ask for?

Come and visit Fireworks Supermarket at 3428 Winfield Dunn Parkway in Kodak, and be sure to look for coupons in Best Read Guide. For more information, call (865) 933-1264.

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