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Kids photos in the Smokies

To make sure yo have THAT memorable photo from you trip to the Smokies, go by Wild Gals Old Time Photo and stage that perfect photo of you and your spouse, your family or your group. You can be cowboys and saloon gals, gangsters and their molls, Civil War soldiers, hillbillies, Southern folk, and just about any character that you want to be! And you can have photos with your kids, with Mom and Dad
Family fun in the Smokies

Wild Gals Old Time Photo is located in Pigeon Forge right across from the Welcome Center and the Smoky Mountain Opry. There is free parking so you just park and then walk into the building and back in time. Walk across the hardwood floor and step up to the bar, which is just one of the scenes that you can choose for your photo. Other scenes include an elegant parlor, saloon, Victorian parlor or Mafia Bosses headquarters. You get to choose the scene and the costumes.

Things to do near GatlinburgChoosing your costumes and getting in costume is part of the fun. You will hear laughter, impressions and all kinds of chatter as you look through the clothes and pick-out your perfect wardrobe. And don’t forget the accessories – hats, headbands, boots, high-topped shoes, vests, coats, guns, rifles, cards, books and more. And now that you are all decked-out and in the mood, it is time for the shoot. As you get arranged to sit for  your photo the fun continues. You are in costume and in character and the comments and fun just comes naturally. Even grumpy old grand dad or pouty little Susie will lighten up and have fun at Wild Gals. Your professional photographer will capture all of the great moments of your group as they pose, posture and become their characters, and you will have these great moments to share forever.You can get your sitting fee paid for if you enter and win the Best Read Guide Facebook Contest featuring Wild Gals Old Time Photo. Go to and “Like” the Contest Photo. Feel free to Comment and share also. Now to get ready to take full advantage of your next trip to the Smokies, go to and check out the coupons and information for theaters, shopping, dining, lodging, and other great attractions like Wild Gals.

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