Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge, TN

Parrot Mountain is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in the Great Smoky Mountains area that isn’t in the National Park. Just follow the rainbow to a landscaped hillside off of Veteran’s Boulevard in Pigeon Forge and you will find a bevy of beautiful birds in a forest of tropical plants and flowers. 

Tropical flowers and plants near Gatlinburg
Banana Trees
Tropical birds in the Great Smoky Mountains
Nuzzling Parrots

The entryway to Parrot Mountain is a stacked stone fence like those in Ireland. This is a tribute to Thomas Kinkade’s artwork and a glorious beginning to the largest eco-tourist bird park in the southeast. Follow the paved paths and enjoy the abundance of tropical flowers and trees, and the uniquely designed parrot cottages that house the parrots. The birds are the true treasures of Parrot Mountain and you can see most of them within an arm’s length from you, and some you can feed or even have perched on you for an unforgettable photo.

Touans, macaws, parrots and other tropical birds
Toucans and other tropical birds
Eco-tourism at bird sanctuary
Blue Macaws

The birds are the stars of Parrot Mountain and you will hear their chatter and singing as soon as you approach the gardens. You can enjoy colorful, full-sized parrots of all colors of the rainbow; Australian Lorikeets that will drink nectar from a cup in your hand; Toucans; a silvery-cheeked Hornbill; Magpies, Lories, Macaws and more all living and flying around in the natural habitats.

Buy baby birds at Parrot Mountain
Baby Macaws

You will also see baby birds in the Bird Nursery in all stages of development. Watch them being fed, pet some of the babies, and even buy a bird or two if you want. The staff will prepare you for the care and feeding of your new pet and you can purchase all of the starter supplies that you will need to raise a healthy, happy bird.

Parrot Mountain receives rave reviews from visitors and even horticulturists who have said that “these gardens rival the best”. But there is no way to describe the spiritual and peaceful feeling that you will get when you stroll through Parrot Mountain. You will have to see it for yourself.

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