Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion

Gatlinburg Tennessee has many attractions for visitors to enjoy and one of the longest-running attractions is the Mysterious Mansion, whose doors creaked opened in 1980 and has been scaring visitors for 34 consecutive years.

Mysterious Mansion is a 3-1/2 story mansion located on River Road, that has a strange and spooky past. Some say it is haunted, others swear it is, but all agree that it will play on the deepest and darkest fears of your imagination in a mysterious way, hence the name Mysterious Mansion.

Enter if you Dare Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion
The mansion challenges you to “Enter if you Dare” and inside you will find hidden passages, endless stairways and creatures that will curdle the blood of even the bravest of souls.

Gatlinburg's Mysterious Mansion

To keep the mansion at the peak of scariness, the ghouls who run the place have upgraded several
rooms, added more creepy creatures, and added some technology to draw the last screams out of their “guests”. Their goal is to scare each and every person that dares to cross their doorway and leave them with nightmares to haunt their dreams for years to come. A little “gift” for Gatlinburg visitors from your ghoul-friends at Mysterious Mansion.

Mysterious Mansion is located at 424 River Road in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. For more information please click the link below: .

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