Gatlinburgwelcomesign - GATLINBURG, ONE OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE DESTINATIONSGatlinburg, Tennessee is one of America’s favorite destination areas. For decades families and groups have been coming to Gatlinburg to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains, strolling down the Parkway, visiting the attractions, shopping in the unique stores and dining in the many restaurant options the city has to offer.

Today the city is spruced up and has been welcomiGatlinburgDowntown Flowers - GATLINBURG, ONE OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE DESTINATIONSng visitors – as usual – since the new year. None of the Gatlinburg downtown was affected by last November’s wildfires, and only a very small percentage of the National Park was affected, so if you’ve made plans to visit, come ahead! If you have not then you better call or get online and book now so you and yours can enjoy all of the wonderful memory-making moments that families and groups have enjoyed for decades. Pigeon Forge and Sevierville were not affected at all so the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are ready to welcome you back, or to roll out the welcome mat for first-time visitors.

GatlinburgThevillage - GATLINBURG, ONE OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE DESTINATIONSSpring has come early to the Great Smoky Mountains but there is still a crisp coolness to the mountain air. Breathing the fresh mountain air is one of the great benefits of vacationing here, and the spring season is a great time to breath in all of the freshness of the Smokies. This is the “Land of the Blue Smoke” – a name given to the Smokies by the Cherokee Indians years ago – and seeing the blue mist envelope the mountains sets a brilliant background to the greens, yellows, oranges and reds of the fauna coming back to life after a winter’s nap.

From April 11-15 the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers professionally guided tours and classes that explore the beauty and diversity of America’s most visited park. This year several walks will look at the effects of a wildfire on a natural environment and there will be a program on “Fire Ecology of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park”. This is a once in a lifetime educational experience.WildflowerPIlgrimage2017 - GATLINBURG, ONE OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE DESTINATIONS

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