If you are looking to start off your summer with a bang! and a boom! and a Ka-bam!…then go to Fireworks Supermarket in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to load up on fireworks fun and excitement. (They are located right off of I-40 at Exit 407, The Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville exit to the Smoky Mountains.)

Fireworkscolorfulbursts - SUMMER STARTS WITH A BANG!!  AT FIREWORKS SUPERMARKETMy family has been buying fireworks for years from Fireworks Supermarket and we always get great service, great advice and great fireworks for our holiday celebrations. Over the years the Fireworks Supermarket crew has helped us refine and change our shows, introducing new ideas and new displays to continue to “wow” our friends and family.

For example, we start off with sparklers, Roman Candles and firecrackers as twilight falls. Watching children play with the safe sparklers, under the watchful eyes of their parents, always gets people in the mood and the “Whoop”, “Whoop” of the Roman Candles shooting into the darkening night prepares the crowd to look to the sky for more action.

FireworksLoudandRowdy - SUMMER STARTS WITH A BANG!!  AT FIREWORKS SUPERMARKETFireworksBigBad26Loud - SUMMER STARTS WITH A BANG!!  AT FIREWORKS SUPERMARKETLighting the fountains sets the stage for high-powered action of the multi-effect aerials and other multi-effect products like “Big Bad & Loud” and “Loud and Rowdy”.  We don’t shoot off all of our big guns at once, but space them out with Reloadables and Missiles. Reloadables are mortar-like products that fire into the air with a resounding “Whoop!” then                                                       explode into lights, flares, crackles and more noise.


After 45-50 minutes of adrenaline-pounding, earth-shaking excitement, we allow the noise and smoke to die-down, and just when people start to get out of their chairs, we hit them with the finale – a hair-raising, mind-blowing display of beautiful lights, colors, explosions and awe-inspiring fireworks excitement that will be remembered long after the smoke clears. We blow their minds!

And after all, isn’t that the effect you are looking for?

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