5bottles - DOC' COLLIER MOONSHINE - SIMPLE IS BEST!“Simple is best”, Doc Collier used to say, that’s why his recipe for Tennessee Moonshine was only corn, sugar and mountain spring water. And you can taste that shine at Doc Collier Moonshine on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. But that pure, clear, “straight off the still” moonshine is just one of the many regular and seasonal flavors available at the mercantile store.

Another basic and simple distilled product is Corn Liquor also known as White Lightning. This is corn, water and yeast and is a true American Spirit. Doc’s serves-up a barrel full of flavored shines including cherry, blackberry, peach and apple, but they have also cooked-up several specialty flavors. Mountain Blossom is a blend of cherries and apples, Smoky Mountain Sunrise combines pineapple, orange and cranberries and Firecracker is a cinnamon moonshine. You can also try limited editions of brandy’s using wine from the Rocky Top Wine Trail and seasonal flavors including Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie and Buckeye. Buckeye has a milk chocolate start and a peanut butter finish.BlueberryBrandy - DOC' COLLIER MOONSHINE - SIMPLE IS BEST!

You will want to wander through the Mercantile store to shop the unusual products Doc Collier’s has to offer. There you will find a great selection of unique products to take home as souvenirs or give as gifts to those who couldn’t come to the Smoky Mountains with you.

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