Xtreme Racing Pigeon Forge TN

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For high-speed thrills, there’s nothing like a trip to Xtreme Racing Center Pigeon Forge.

What “Xtreme” path will you choose? Xtreme Racing Pigeon Forge gives wannabe race car drivers their choice of three race courses.

Three Xtreme Racing Courses!

There’s a track that’s 3,500 linear feet filled with “winding turns, narrow straightaways and thrilling adventure”. Guests can race inside professional-grade Sodi GT-5 go karts and experience just how fast the expert speed demons can go.

In the Xtreme Racing Combo Run, guests get to experience the same track as the GT-5, but in reverse in one of the center’s RT-8 professional racing karts. Placed in order from the previous race, changing the direction gives the Xtreme Racing a whole new experience.

Finally, there’s the 1,500-foot elevated, smooth-paved track, where drivers zip past one another through twists and turns. Xtreme Racing drivers can choose between a single kart or double kart for their wild ride.

Xtreme Racing, fastest carts in Pigeon Forge

Xtreme’s karts are the fastest karts in Pigeon Forge. Safety is Xtreme Racing Pigeon Forge’s top priority; each one of our karts comes equipped with quality-tested seatbelts and helmets, whether riders want to experience a GT-5 kart or RT-8 kart.

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Xtreme Racing Pigeon Forge also offers Dubby Park Hopper bands, all-in-one armbands that maintain adventure credits throughout your vacation.

For more information, visit www.xtremeracingcenterpigeonforge.com.

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